Thursday, November 17, 2016

21st blog post: P.E

Hi bloggers! So far we've been doing P.E. We have been learning how to throw, run and doing lots of running games. We've been doing ones with taggers, races and stuff like that. My favourite has got to be throwing, that was really fun. We usually do it each week, to keep us going. I think I like P.E just after maths, so my fourth favourite subject.
       Here is a photo of me doing some P.E, running:

So I hope you liked my blog post about our P.E, I hope I can tell you more about it soon!


Monday, November 7, 2016

19th blog post:Math's post

Hey guy!Today I'm going to be sharing with you my math's term four.Stage five's have been practicing their 5 x tables and lately we've been practicing really hard. My highest score,20 second's of five time's table's is 25 second's!Some thing's that were helping us with our math's is playing with card's.You need a pair of two and a pack of card' half them evenly and give on to each person.they flip the card's over so the can't see them.At the same time flip the card's over on the same time and if one of the people get either 5,2 or 10 you have to time's it by the other number,the first person to say the answer get's all the card's in the pile.The one with all the cards in the end is the winner.We have been doing strategy's on our +'s and -'s.Here is a photo of the math's we've been doing lately.

So now I'm going to show you the five time's table's we've been practicing:

So far I've been practicing my five time's table's well,and I've beaten the stage 7 kid's!!!(I even put that in the end of the year reflection for my year report!)Mr M said that stage six's and seven's need to work on their 5 time's table's!!!(I always hear mum and dad on the phone talking about it!)

So that's it for now on my math's,I hope you liked what I'v done so far in math's,I now think my 5 time's table's is my favorite thing in math's,and math's is my third favorite in all of school subject's!


20th blog post:Literacy

Hey guy's!!!Today I'm going to be talking about my literacy.We have been doing lots of it and I'm going to show you my best piece.The name is called the abandoned castle and it took me quit a while because I wanted to put in everything I saw in my head.This will come with the plan I did about it (with success criteria):

Success Criteria
  • Use the Writing Process (Get Ready, Craft, Revising, Editing, Sharing)
  • Structure your narrative through your plan
  • Begins with orientation (setting and main character)
  • Paint a picture with words (descriptive words and actions)
  • Paragraphs (Orientation / Events x3 / Resolution - Ending)
  • My writing goal:To really get the reader never want to stop reading  

              The abandoned castle

       Hey guys and welcome back to my blog!I’m Samantha.Ann (but you can call me Sam),and today,my blog is going to be about me,my life and this spooky place I just discovered.Right,about my life,I’m very shy at times and a have a really cool friend Lizzy(hi Lizzy!)She one of the best people in the world that girl,she can really keep me company with her “talking”.We’ve known each other for five year’s and meet at the horse stable’s in town.(We love the horse’s and became friends working there)Gotta go,I’m getting creeped out just sitting here typing on my laptop.More soon!
Sam packed away her laptop and set of,willing to find more to blog about.Even though she kept feeling like she was being followed,she was moving forward.Her legs started to shake with fear.The cold icy breeze blew across her face.She was in a forest,filled  with mist and fog.

Sam was a blogger and she wanted to blog about this.It seemed interesting and she thought people would to like to read about it.As she walked forward,she saw red eye’s all around.She started running.Sam screamed as she tripped over some tree root’s...she got up just in time but never got to see what that thing looked like.But one odd thing is that something came falling down on her.It was sticky and fuzzy,like a giant hair ball!

Anyway,Sam came into a clearing.She froze looking at the sight,forgetting all about what she was running from.It was a dark castle,with lightning all around the castle. Sam decided to go inside.As she opened the door,Boom!Crash!Bang!Bash!Meow!,she fell into the darkness.When Sam opened her eye’s,Her arms were in chain’s.She saw that she was in a small,dark room with a door on the other side.She tried to get free as she started to hear things such as roar’s and bat noises.

Meanwhile,her friend Lizzy was following her trying to see where she was going.Lizzy was very concerned  about her friend.She saw something coming towards her,when it came into a clearing,it looked like a human shape.when they were about a meter apart,Lizzy froze with fear in disbelief as she saw what was in front of her.She had black hair,long sleeved black top,grey leggings,black slip on shoes and fang’s.(Oh,by the fang part,you must know what this is)”Your a vampire!”Lizzy cried.”Yea,yea,I get that a lot,but I come harmless”Said the vampire “I’m Elizabeth and I’m here to tell you about  your sister”Elizabeth said.”She’s not my sister,but she sure does act like one!She’s my best friend and I need to help if she’s in trouble.”Lizzy replied.”My father,the cousin of my uncle Dracula,thought that she was the beast that’s been hunting us down for the past three years,his name is fang and he has a lot of red eyes if you’ve seen him.Even though he’s only three years old,his really vicious.”Elizabeth explained as she was looking around,like she was looking for this beast.”Actually,I have seen this Fang.She or he was trying to get my friend but she got away quickly after tripping over a tree root,it was a bad sight”Lizzy explained.”Oh no,now that fang know’s who she is,he’ll try to hunt her down!”Elizabeth said,trying to signal Lizzy to come with her to her home,so they can get Samantha out of the dungeon.As they got there,they ran down the hill that led to the doorway.They opened the door and Elizabeth told Lizzy to step back with her as mist and fog came flowing out of the door.A figure came out of the door.”Who dare’s to enter my home?”Said another vampire,Elizabeth's dad.”Hi daddy!”Elizabeth said loudly.”Oh,hello my little vampire!”Elizabeth’s dad said.So much for a 9000 year old.Lizzy thought as she saw Elizabeth and her dad.(Elizabeth is 9000 year’s old)

Meanwhile,Samantha was once again on her blog,since that is the only thing she could find to do,while it was still charged.
So through this spooky forest like place,I got chased by a monster with lot’s of red eyes and found this castle and now I’m stuck in a dungeon in that castle.My arms are in chains and I have know idea how I got here,but I kept feeling that I was being followed by someone or something as I came here.Anyway,I’m rally exited to bog about this place,but I can’t get free from these chain’s!(If I had a super power right now,it would be the power of super strength or laser eyes so then I can get free from these thing’s!).Well,I think that’s all the info for now,so blog more soon!

Sam hit the send button.I wonder how I’m going to get out of these things.I mean,it may be impossible,but it’s worth a shot. She thought.As she struggled,she got out her cell (actually it’s her mum’s because she lent it to her in case she needed help throughout her blogging adventure)and called Lizzy(Lizzy’s mum did the same thing).Sam(on the phone):Were are you!I’m stuck in this dungeon with chains on my arm’s inside this spooky castle on the other side of this spooky forest filled with mist and fog!!!Help,please!(paint).Lizzy on the phone:Um,I’m in a spooky forest and made a friend.Well,actually,I’m probably by hat castle your stuck in.No worries. My new friend’s dad own’s this place.She’s a vampire!How cool is that? Sam,on the phone:Yea,yea,enough with the fib’s,just get me out of here! Lizzy on the phone:I’ll prove to you  she’s a vampire.She said she’s 9000 years old!I’m not telling fibs.Besides,she has fangs! Sam,on the phone:Are we worried about a vampire who's already dead,or about someone who could be soon!!! Lizzy on the phone:Okay,we’ll come and get you out of there,but,I’m not lying.I’ll show you when she get’s there.Bye!!!

They hung up.On the Lizzy half of the story,Elizabeth’s dad put her down and asked “Who’s this little bite?” Elizabeth’s replied with “It’s cool,dad. Obviously you trapped her friend instead of fang”Elizabeth replied.”Okay let's get her out of there”He answered.As they went inside,Lizzy was getting a bit creeped out.”I’m scared“she said.”Elizabeth,how about you take her to your room while I get her friend?”Elizabeth’s dad asked.”Sure”Elizabeth said.As her dad was walking toward’s the dungeon. He got out the key for the chain’s and went in.Of course,Sam was sitting there gloomily.waiting for someone to rescue her.”You are a vampire!”She shouted.No,well yes,I am,but your friend here wanted me to get you out because I thought you were the best who has been hunting us down”.Elizabeth’s dad replied.”Well get on with it!”Sam said.He got her out and too her to Elizabeth’s room,were Elizabeth and Lizzy were,Lizzy telling her what Sam looked like and acted like.

“Lizzy!”She ran up to her and gave her a big hug.She was so excited to see her.”Now what do we do?”Sam asked.”Let’s go hunt down Fang!”Elizabeth declared.”Yea!”They all shouted.They went out the castle and went to were Fang lived.(In a cave).Sam heard little noises such as:”bla bla bla”.When they got to the cave,Sam and Lizzy realised how big it was,they were too scared to run away.”He’s snoring”Elizabeth said.”That’s good.I’ll go suck his blood”Elizabeth’s dad said.He went up to Fang...ROAR!!!Fang woke up and started to chase them all.”Wait!”Elizabeth said while running.”Fang is only 3 years old,isn’t he,and act’s like a dog,doesn’t he?”Since she was right,her dad nodded.”Fang,stop!”Elizabeth said.”Roar?”Fang said as if it was his version of saying “What?”.”Sit!”Elizabeth said.Fang obeyed.”Go home!”He looked in confusion,and then realised what she said.He obeyed again.”And don’t come back,or you’ll get a smack!”She finished.And then Fang whimpered like a dog all the way home.”Yea!”They all shouted and gave eachother a high five.So Sam had a sleepover at Lizzy’s that night,and Elizabeth’s dad tought her how to fly!How ever,in the cave,fang was making a plan to capture the vampires and humans...

                To be continued…

here is the plan I made for it:

My Narrative Plan

Main Character:
Samantha (call her Sam)
Age:9 yrs old
Light green eye’s
Straight,long,                brownish blondish hair
She wear’s:
Two hair-braid’s that connect at the back,blue and green choker,Brooklyn 89 blue and white short sleeved shirt,plain white shorts and purple and green trainer’s
Other Characters:
(with Personality / Actions)
Best,best friends with April
Always talk non-stop
8 yr old
Light blue eye’s
Brown hair
Purple shirt pink leggings blue trainer’s.
Love’s tomato juice Becomes friends with Lizzy
Shy and quiet ,Really smart
9000 year old,red,black hair
Black long sleeved top,grey leggings,black slip on shoes,fang’s
Elizabeth's Dad
Ruler of dark castle
Willing to take risks and really loud!
30,0000 yr old,brown hair,cousin’s with Dracula,black and red top,dramatic cape,long black tights,pointy tap dancing-like shoe’s,fang’s
Basicly just a big hair ball with big sharp jaw’s
Priority is to hunt down vampire kind
3 yrs old(and really dumb!)


Get’s stuck in a dungeon in a dark palace she find’s to blog about on the other side of the dark wood’s full of monster’s.There is one kind of monster out there that is trying to hunt down Elizabeth and her dad...

Lizzy follows April in a long distance and meet’s Elizabeth.Elizabeth live’s there and know’s all the trick’s to get to the dungeon.Elizabeth’s dad trapped April so they try to stop him.In the end they realized it was all a mistake because there was a monster in the wood’s who try’s to hunt them down,they all get together and stop the monster.
Dark wood’s:
Mysterious,misty,dark, curious,spooky

Dark palace:
Scary,spooky,lightning, stormy

Personality /Actions:
Some days shy and quiet,some days she talks a lot.She has a BFF called Lizzy.
They all get together after rescuing April and having a big discussion with Elizabeth’s dad and THEY hunt down the monster,Fang.

So I really hope you liked my story,the abandoned castle,and I showed that to you so you know how my writing is going so far.I thought I really liked it and it was really descriptive.So that is basiclly it for my litracy blog,but the last word will be...


Thursday, November 3, 2016

18th blog post:Art,sketching.

Hey guys! These couple of weeks we've been doing art.The choices were digital art,painting and sketching.I chose sketching.It was really fun.We used creative ideas.We had to take our time and it turned out really well.Here is a photo of my art:

On the left is a pair of scissors,there's a glue stick and some pencils.We learnt how to shade and learnt how to make thing's look 3-d.I did a bit of smudging around the dark shadow part's of the things. My favourite thing was probably the pencil's,they were quite easy,but to me they look really real in this picture.To me now sketching was really easy after quite a bit of practice.From this, I think I want to be an art teacher or an artist! The next thing I would chose is painting.I think I should actually work on both if I want to be an artist. I love art so much!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

17th blog post:PBL

Hey guys! Today I'm going to show you my PBL(project based learning). My PBL is about the Olympics. The whole hub is doing this. We all chose a topic for this and I chose how to do synchronized swimming and a model of a pair of synchronized swimming tog's I designed. I put my tog's on a poster as one of rimu hub's persuade writing task's. Here is the slide show I made and my PBL reflection underneath. Here is my PBL on synchronized swimming and PBL reflection:

        Here are the slides on synchronized swimming

                   This is my PBL reflection:

so that was my PBL blog post!Bye!

Candy land part two:

Hey blogger's,today i'm blogging this because I love candy.(And because I didn't finish the other candy land).I kinda got the rest of the idea from the wizard of Oz.Here it is from top to bottom.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Click,clack,I here my door being knocked on.I went to my door and no one was there.I did notice everything was made from candy!I went out for a look,I thought I was dreaming.Yes,I did try to pinch myself but nothing happened!Looking around,I noticed I was wearing a new dress!It was black and red,my two favorite color's.The dress smelt like the best licorice ever.Two twin girl's with pink and purple dress's on came up to me.I saw that they were wearing matching pearl necklace's.At the bottom of one of the necklace's had an R on it.The other had not an R but an H.The girl's asked me  what my name was.I said "Hi,my name is Elizabeth"."Hi Elizabeth,I'm Rose and this is Holly.We are the twinkling twin's of the candy village.We brought you here to help us stop the evil queen of vegetable's".I have to admit the twin's were very pretty.They both had long blond hair with a tidy fringe at the front.They had big smile's with lot's of freckle's.My favorite was there beautiful light blue eye's.Yes,they are identical.Holly started to walk along with me."First up McDonald street!".I was quite astonished and scared at the same time."Can we please tack a different road,I'm petrified of clown's.I estimate that Ronald McDonald will be everywhere!!!" I clammed."OK,i'm sure we can take the long way".Said Rose."We'll go across the meadow of lolly-pop's,go throw the candy cane forest of dome,figure out a way to go over the river of coca cola and then go across ANOTHER lolly-pop meadow and then we should be there.Oh,and you can't have a battle wearing a dress!If you undo your belt your skirt will fall down and you will be wearing a pair of tight's,then
 you will be ready".Holly said,and I did exactly that."Well,aren't I ready to go"?I said."No,actually".Rose clammed."We still need to give you this bow for in your hair.It give's you special power's to help yourself stop the evil queen of vegetable's.I put it in my hair and it turned black and red,and smelt like my dress."Oh,and from now on every thing you touch will become black and red,will smell like licorice,the best,and then when any one else touch's what you touched,they will get electrocuted."Wow!"I told myself.So we took our journey through the meadow of lolly-pop's,meeting a talking kangaroo who was picking some  lolly-pop's for her baby kangaroo who was in her pouch.We went over to greet her.She noticed my bow,she asked if I could help her with a few electrician's that she needed fixed to keep herself and her baby safe.When I finished,we said good bye and headed towards the candy cane forest of dome.We didn't meet anyone in that forest but I was still determined to help thing's in need.We were out of the candy cane forest of dome and we came to the river of coca cola.I saw an ell and he told me that he was an electric ell but the evil queen of veges took all his electricity away!I asked if he would like me to turn him black and red but give him more electricity.He said that,like me,his favorite color was black and red so he was pleased with that.We got across the river by a tree that fell over from the forest.We got across the meadow that led us to the castle.We went inside and saw the evil UGLY queen of veges.She was so ugly I can't describe her.I got my bow ready now that I know how to use it and how to control my power's.I could say it was about a half hour fight.It was challenging,but I managed.When she was defeated,we made her into a veges smoothie and fed it to the twin's dog,Cusco,a little grey dog.When I came back to my house,the twin's gave me a bag of golden dust while thanking me for saving candy land.They said the dust was to use when ever I wanted to come over or if my mum and dad wouldn't let me have lollies. Insted of me opening the door,the twin's pushed me down a black tunnel,as i was thinking it was still a dream.I landed lying on my bed,hearing my mum shouting:Wake up Naomi!I suddenly got up and told my self so it was a dream.but when i went in the bathroom,I noticed the bow in my hair...

So guy's,I hope you liked my post about candy land.I did actually have a dream when I was little about this magical fairy that gave me magic dust but then I heard my mum trying to wake me up so I woke up but at the end of my bed was a container that had this like dust stuff as I thought but it was just sand and sprinkle's my mum made to make me think it was dust so yea,hehe that's were i got the idea.So a,


Holiday blog post:Bella coming over for dinner

Hey blogger's ,it's me,Naomi and today I'm going to tell you about my favorite part of the holiday's.So, I'll start by getting ready for bed at my Auntie Leisa's house for two night's with my mum,Leila And Ollie.(She was in Fiji with my cousin's for the holiday's).

Once We've all had a bath and cleaned our self's,mum asked: "Would you like Bella Casson to come over at 1.30- pm to 8.30 pm and have dinner with us???"I replied with:"Yes,yes,yes,yes,yes!!!"Leila herd what we were discussing and started to moan."Can I pick someone to come over?!"Well,you can't pick but I'll see if Ava can come over!"Mum say's.So,Leila scream's:" Yay!"(Ava is a 6 year old girl my sister,Leila,made friend's with one time we went to the park).Mum said Ava would have to stay from 8.30 am to 1.35 pm because Bella's coming over.

Ava was going to meet us in Napier by the boardwalk.Once she came,Leila gave her her pen's,sticker's and coloring.(We all got to chose our own and chose some for our friend's.I chose a book of boarders for Bella). 

We all got in my mum's car and drove to McDonald's for lunch.When we got back to my Auntie Leisa's house,we had our McDonald lunch with a movie on Netflix.(They have Netflix on TV).In a few hour's mum said Bella will get here in five minute's.

In five minute's she got here and I gave her the pen's,book and sticker's.She said she loved them.I said we should go watch a movie.And so we did.I turned on Garfield but Ollie and Leila were making so much noise!Since it was that case,I asked Bella if we would like to do anything.Then I remembered we were supposed to get egg's from the dairy.

Mum said we should walk there.It was so much fun walking because we (Me and Bella) kept running ahead!The other thing was that my little brother Ollie held hand's with Bella most of the time.(And it wasn't only when we were crossing the road).

When we got there it was so hot that mum said we can chose an ice block.Me and Bella chose the same and Leila chose some kind that I can't quite remember but they still got one.Ava(Yes,she is still in this part of the story)chose a vanilla flavored one.

When we were half way down Auntie Leisa's street,I asked Bella if she wanted to have a race to the house gate and she said yes.Since she is faster than me,she won the race!We waited for mum because Leisa has an alarm for her house.

We went inside to put our ice block stick's in the bin.We didn't bother to watch for TV so we went into my cousin Toby's room to do some coloring with our little art set. 

After five minute's I remembered Houdini there bunny,(He keep's escaping from his cage),and asked Bella if we would like to get him out.She said okay.We went out to the back yard and I showed Bella his cage.we tried to get him out and we finally did.BUT,he escaped under the house!I called mum and she hurried over.In five minute's mum got him out and we were so relieved.

We went inside,again doing our coloring.It was 5.30pm and Ava just left.Me and Bella were having a humongous bubble bath made with water and dish-washing liquid.We were having a big competition about who can make the best bubble throne.Ollie was jugging but I told Bella we probably shouldn't let Ollie judge because I knew he would always chose you.Oh,and guess what,he did!

Mum said she had to go out to get the pizza's for diner.My Auntie Rebecca and my little cousin Leo,(you might have heard of them if you read my post:My Surprising Holiday,came over to watch us.I asked Leo if he could try to say Bella.He just walked away that looked like it meant he was shy.

I asked Leo if he would like to come into the spa-sized bath.He didn't say anything but he got into board short's and got in.Leo is only a few month's younger than Ollie and even Ollie is a big pain so Leo is a bigger pain!Once he got in he cried and moaned to get out.

I said there were some bath toy's to play with on the side of the spa bath.(Then he got interested and stop moaning and crying\

).It was so fun with Leo,Bella and Ollie.Bella made up this game we could play in the bath.This is how you play:

What you need:
  1. ocean animal toy's
  2. three people:Two player's and one starter
  3. other little toy's toy's,e.g:toy dinosaurs,toy boat's


1.The starter will say go and the two player's will try to find the most under water toy's as they can.

2.The starter will say stop and the player's will need to stop trying to find the under water toy's.

3.the player's will count how many under water toy's they got.If they got some that are not UNDER WATER toy's,they do not count in there point's. 

So,that is how you play.In about ten minutes after we finished the game,we decided to get out.(It was 6.30).I got in my p.j's,and Bella was back in her cloth's,mum came back with the pizza base's and topping's.(And yes,this story is nearly finished!)Me and Bella put on our topping's.While we waited for them to cook,we watched some of the Garfield movie.When the pizza's were finished cooking,we got to eat them on the couch,watching Garfield at the same time.

Once we finished dinner,me and Bella started to pack up because her mum was coming over in five minute's.Her mum was here and we packed up just in time. I gave Bella her stuff and she left.She said she lost her sock's,but as soon a she left we found them!(so Bella,if you're reading this,we found you're sock as soon as you left Leisa's!)

Here is a drawing Bella made on our play date:

So guy's,I hope you liked my holiday post!And Bella,I hope my dad gave you're sock's back by now!BUY!!! 

P.S:Here is a question for you!:)

P.P.S:my next post will be on very soon!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

16th blog post:2017 calander art

Hey guys! Come on down and buy the brand new amazing masterpiece made by Naomi Apatu,an eight yr old artist.This art is very unique. So, if you wanna buy some,here is a photo of this awesome art.

This is the awesome art.
Only $10 so come and buy this amazing art and use it!

                                                                                 Also comes with note pad,diary and card!

The most popular part of the art is the side that has the sun. Doesn't it just stand out?!
So come down an buy the amazing art by Naomi Apatu!

This art is one of a kind and super cheap!

Friday, September 9, 2016

14th blog post:workshop prove it

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be showing you my writing workshop prove it week 7,term three.It only took me about five minutes to finish it.It was not hard at all.I am blogging this because I'd like to show you my learning so far this term.Here it is:

 Workshop Prove It
I learn how to edit properly.

Here is an example:

Try 1.   Hi my name is naomi i am ate yers old i go to parcfal skol and i lif in new zeland

Try 2.Hi my name is Naomi I am eight year’s old, I go to Parkvale School and I live in New Zealand.

So that was my workshop prove it writing week 7 term 3. I was blogging this because I'd like to show people more of my learning and how it is.

I hope you liked that post today so stay in touched for more!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Candy Land

Hey guy's!This is another awesome quick write story. I have not finished it but it will all be on in my next post.Tack a sneak peek of Candy Land!

Click,clack,I hear my door being knocked on.I went to my door,and no one was there. I did notice everything was made from candy! I went out for a look,I thought I was dreaming!Yes,I did try to pinch myself but nothing happened! Looking around,I did notice that I was wearing a new dress! It was black and red,my two favorite color's.The dress smelt like the best licorice ever.Two twin girl's with pink and purple dress's on came up to me.I saw that they were wearing matching pearl necklaces.At the bottom of one of the necklaces  had an R on it.The other had not an R but an H.The girl's asked me what my name was.I said "Hi,my name is Elizabeth"."Hi Elizabeth,i'm Rose,and this is Holly.We are the twinkling twin's of candy village,we brought you here to help us stop the evil queen of vegetable's".I have to admit that the twin's were very pretty.They both had long blond hair with a tidy fringe at the front.They had bid smile's with lot's of freckle's.Yes.They are identical.Holly started to walk along with me."first up,McDonald street!!!"

So blogger's,that was my Candy land story so far,I'll work on the rest straight away! 

                  Ta-Ta for now! 

My Favorite Quick Write Story

Hey everyone!I knew I would put my next post on VERY soon.This is a post about my favorite quick write story that I wrote.My favorite part is the end!This is a fiction story but in some part of the holiday's something SIMILAR to this story happened to me.Here it is:

                                    What a mess!(The most boring story).
One Saturday morning I was watching TV. When I was tiered of it,I got every single toy I had out and put them in the living room. It was such a mess! I hardly played with them. Since I didn't want to play with all those toy's,I played Minecraft on my TV. When it was 7.00 at night,dad got home and mum was out getting takeaway's for dinner. Mum didn't see the mess when she left did she. Dad said firmly. I replied with Nope. I'm very-dad suddenly stopped. What are you playing? Dad asked. Minecraft.I said. Can I play!!! Dad yelled. Sure. I replied,passing the controller to him. We played so much,I finally had some fun that afternoon! We were so concentrated on the game that we did not relies mum coming! She screamed so loud when she saw the mess,my ear's hurt! Who made this mess! She asked. She did!He did! Me and dad said at the same time,pointing to each other. Toilet duty,NOW!!! What about dinner?! I asked.Oh no,you and dad will be having veges. And extra pea's! She said. No,not extra pea's,NOOOOOOO!!! I screamed. And Naomi and her dad were on toilet duty for ever after.


So blogger's,I hope you liked my post about the girl,her dad and the toilet duty.BYE!