Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mya's B-day party

Hey guy's and now i'm going to tell you about my first soccer game and Mya Wallace  b-day.Mum said if I try really hard at soccer I can go to Mya's b-day. At soccer it was very foggy when we arrived. We waited for our coach and when he was there we started practicing some skills before the game.

We did not win but mum said I did well enough to go to Mya's party.We got her a star war's bop-it.When we bought the present,we went home and got dressed into my rock star out-fit, did my hair and put on my make-up. When we started heading in to town we looked for Mya's house and then we found it.

There was a red carpet and Mya's dad was checking if I was on the guest list.He found my name and let me in. Inside was a disco ball and another red carpet. The back had a photo both and some mini mask's on a stick.There was a pink table wher the lunch going to be  layed out. 

We had a dance and Isabella was chasing me.down the red carpet me and Skyla walked down it together laughing.When the food came out Bella Casson arrived and had some lollies chip's,cheerio's,sausage roll's and fizzy. Then we had a game to see who could keep there holla-hoop up and I won out of all the winner's (who were three year six girl's).We played a few other game's had a dance of, played statue's  had a dance with our friend's until the dinner came.

 We had delicious pizza for dinner and when we ate the rest of the pizza Mya Wallace's mum said that the first game of popping other people's balloon's was just a practice!!! so we had a real game and I was so close to winning but Khushi popped my balloon when I wasn't looking! I sat down and waited for the winner. I can't remember who it was but i'm sure it was a girl.

After that we played just dance 2016. The song that I dance to was fancy.After my turn I watched the other people have there turn until I saw mum. I got up and gave her a hug. Mya's mum gave
me a goody bag, I said thank- you and I walked out of the house.

 Dad quickly dropped by and  gave me mum's mother's day present's.They where flower's, chocolate and mum's fave: peanut m&m's.I hid them in her room early the next morning while she was asleep and she found them all when the day was lighter.

She loved all her present's and we made her breakfast in bed.We made her a delicious bagel.

I hope you liked my story about Mya's b-day party!I'm sure I'll get back to you soon!

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  1. Mya's Party was very fun. Also well done for winning the holla-hoop competition.

  2. Wow Naomi this is a great blog post and Mya's party sounds fun :)

  3. wow that sounded like so mash fun and I cant
    wait for more of your blogs

  4. Mya's birthday party seems so fun you must fell like you are famous walking down the red carpet I who'd LOVE to came to that party and I'm proud of you doing your first game of soccer it is sad that your teem did not win but a lest your teem and you tried.

  5. Wow Naomi this is a great blog post. I am proud of you for doing your first soccer game but it is sad that your team lost. Wow that sounded like so much fun I can't wait for more amazing, impressive. Also well done for winning the holla hoop competition it sounded fun. When I played soccer we had to do the holla hoop competition. I am still proud of you for trying in the soccer game. I can not wait for more blog posts. :)

  6. Wow Naomi That sounds like you had an amazing time. Well done for doing soccer even though you lost

  7. Thank's Ella.Great comment's guy's!
    :P :D :) ;) ;P ;D :{) :{P :{D ;{P ;{) ;{D

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  9. Love it I like all of the infmashin keep it up

  10. Awesome job!
    You write very long writings!
    Awesome! Mya's party was fun! I was there too!

  11. wow noami you must of spent a while on that you put heaps of infofmashine into that Weldon.

  12. It sounds like you've had so much at Mya's B-day and at soccer and the food sounds so good.Keep up the great work on your blog posts.

  13. you are a great wirter Naomi and you
    put all of your effort to do it well done.