Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My camp time

Hi everyone welcome back and today I'm going to be talking about my time at camp. A couple of weeks ago, I went to Camp Kaitawa with some of the year five and six's. There was a rumour spreading around about Michael Noonan, a man who died being ambushed by the Maori.  The Maori did this because all the Europeans would lock them up. He was a messenger and a soldier and had no children. When he was ambushed, he was still on his horse and he got ambushed at the site of the camp.  The other rumour was about a girl whose legs got chopped off when the camp was actually a school. We know that the people were really once alive because we went to see the graveyard where their dead bodies lie. One of the teachers at the old school chopped off the girls legs but I don't know why. My B.F.F Taylah got scared but her dad was there so he came to the rescue. After camp we had to either do a slide or a doc about camp. We had to do a reflection, letter to the parents and a story (can be fake). So today I'm going to be sharing my camp memories. Have a look down below to see my camp memories.

I hope you guys liked my post for camp, and the photo of the grave is Michael Noonan's grave...

                            !!! Thank's for watching!!!