Friday, July 8, 2016

My Passion Project

This is my passion project.It took me quite a while to get done but I did manage.Here it is!!!

this is my passion project reflection:

Passion Projects Reflection

Please answer all of the following questions

Describe your passion project. What was your learning in it? What were you trying to produce?I was trying to produce a video of me singing  a new song I’ve never learnt.I chose He Honore.

How far did you get with your passion project? What would have helped you to get further?
On the last day of the passion project’s I just got it to my mail and it was taking so long to get it loading so I left it loading all weekend and today, Monday, I’m trying to get it to go on the passion project tracking sheet.

What was the most challenging part of your passion project?Well that was overcoming singing the song in front of the iPad.(sometime’s I get stage fright).

What was surprising about your passion project?
That I actually got it done and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to be!!!

Did you follow your plan well? Why or why not?to me yes and no because it took me longer than I expected but I followed the instructions I made perfectly I do say so myself.

Which learning muscles did you use the most while you were working on your passion project? How did you use each one?I used the noticing muscle when something went wrong and I used perseverance when I tried to fix it when it got really hard.

Which learning muscles did you find difficult to stretch during passion project time?I would have to say my absorption muscle because I wasn’t always on task.

If you were allowed to pick a new passion project, what would you choose and why?
It would be playing the guitar because I haven't fully learnt it so i’d love to do more.

What was your favourite part of passion projects?
It was getting it done in time because I thought I wouldn’t make it but I did!

I hope you enjoyed my passion project blog post.