Friday, February 10, 2017

My Waka

Hey guy's and happy new year!Yes I have come back with another whole year of blogging and for a start I want to tell you about my waka. In Rimu hub this year we started to work on our waka, were we draw what represent ourselves. We also have waka writing. However our other task is called writing about me. It's where you write,well, all about yourself. But on this blog it's about my waka. I will put on a blog about my writing later.

Here is my waka:

Here is my waka writing:

My waka writing

  1. The microphone represents my love of singing. I sing every hour to the very song that comes to my head.
  2. The two sketches represents my two siblings, Leila and Ollie.It also represents how I love to sketch the both as its taken to a level higher then I usually draw.
  3. The star attached to the love hearts are my family and the star is my sister Sienna,who died the day she was created.
  4. The four stars are my sister Sienna,my ancestors and other whanau that passed away.
  5. The art set represents my love of painting and drawing.I do it nearly every day in any way.even at school!