Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bully writing

Hi guy's!Seen as we have been going through anti-bullying week,we got asked to do this awesome peice of writing to give every bully a message why they should stop.My bully writing is what I am going to be sharing today.I hope you guy's enjoy and see lot's of reason's why you should stop.Read on to learn even more about what we have been working on!

The day the bully stopped.

Make sure your story:

  • Has a beginning, middle and end
  • A problem and a solution
  • Some awesome vocabulary

Write your story in the box below.

THE DAY THE BULLIES STOPPED                               
Arianna Bolden was being bullied.They were her twin sister Brianna's secretly fake friend’s,but Briana didn’t believe that Arianna was getting bullied by her own friend’s.She said they were way too nice.Arianna didn’t want to tell her parents because                                                              she thought they would say the same thing as Brianna because they had met them all.But Arianna did have friend’s that had her back.Roxy,Isabelle,Isabella and Merrisa.Isabelle and Isabella were twin’s,like Briana and Arianna.Oh,and the worst thing is they were all in the same class.It’s a girl’s only school.The name’s of Brianna's friend were Pippa,Melesha,Lilly and Mara.

“Hey,dork.”Pippa mocked Arianna.”It’s time to pay,you got the cash?”Lilly said,smirking.”I……..I……..I,I don’t have any money.I used it on my own lunch.”Arianna stammered.”Well that was stupid,we were going to use it for our savings so we can get a iphone 7 each.”Now that wasn’t the worst they did,that was just a daily thing.The bell rang,this was Arianna’s least favorite time of the day.”See you in class”Melesha said.”Roxy!Isabelle!Isabella!Merrisa!”Arianna shouted.These were the only people who had her back.Not even her own twin sister had her back,so that made Arianna feel really sad.”Hey girl!” Isabelle and Isabella said at the same time,but Arianna’s used to it because they say things at the same time all the time.They don’t even notice it.The only three things Arianna does like about school is that she has the best friend’s you could imagine,she is top in gymnastics and cheerleading, and it’s uniform free.Arianna usually wear those shirts that have a knot tied at the bottom and a short denim skirt.She has dark brown hair that stretches to her bottom,which is always in a high ponytail.Isabelle wears a yellow top with sky blue shorts,and Isabella would wear a sky blue top with yellow shorts.They both have hair out that goes halfway down their backs.But you could think of Roxy as the punk.She wears a dark purple and black shirt and it has a white skull on it.She would wear a light purple pair of tights.Her hair is a purple color,but it wash’s out every 6 weeks.But if you know her well,she puts the color back in as soon as it comes out. But the really weird thing is that Brianna and all her friend’s wear the same thing as each other every day. You know,a short shirt (light magenta) and a black short (and I mean really short)skirt.To be honest,if you describe Brianna,you’re pretty much describing Lilly,Mara,Melesha and Pippa.”Finally it’s time for class!”Roxy said.She was excited about class because she was going to music class but Arianna was going to math.”Okay class,it’s time for a test!The one we all love to do every day.”Mrs.Helena said sweetly.Oh,One thing.The leader of Brianna’s friend’s group is Lilly.Yep.Lilly.They went to kindergarten together, and Lilly would lock Arianna in the kiddy locker’s,and when the teacher wasn’t looking,she would hit and punch her.So this has been going on for about 7 years,and now she is in her class,about to strike what she always does,swap the tests.This works because they have to do it in pencil,and then Lilly rub’s out the names when she hands in her test and when the teacher she is out getting a cup of tea.She re-writes the name’s on the swapped pieces of paper and then she gets straight A’s,and Arianna gets straight F’s.But this time Arianna wrote her name two times on the back of her paper. Mrs.Helena looked on the back of Ariannas original sheet and saw her name twice.They had a meeting at the end of the day.”Now,who’s is this paper?” Mrs.Helena said,curios.”Mine!”Arianna said.”Then how does this piece say your name?”Asked Mrs.Helena showing Lilly’s piece.”Lilly swapped the name’s.I saw her.She does it every time.”Arianna explained.”Is that true?”Mrs.Helena asked Lilly.”Mmmmm…..Yes.” Lilly said,sadly.But,unexpectedly,she did it for the next few weeks,and they still stole her lunch money,and many more problems.So,one day,Roxy finally said”Arianna,you gotta tell your parents.””But,what is they don’t believe me?”Arianna whined.”Well,they have to.”Roxy said,in a bossy tone.”Okay,fine.”Arianna said,So when she got home she said:”Mum, Lilly,Mara,Melesha and Pippa have been bullying me lately,I mean for about 7 years,it started in kindergarten.”Arianna explained.”Well honey,why didn’t you tell me sooner?”Arianna’s mother said.”Because I thought you would say they were way to nice like Brianna said.”Arianna said.”I would never!Now tomorrow morning I am going to talk to the principal.”So,that day,that is what happened.So Mara,Melesha,Lilly and Pippa never,ever,EVER bullied Arianna again.So in this message is that you have to tell your parents straight away,no matter what,and the awesome thing is that they finally became friends,and the nicest kids in school.So if you are getting bullied,TELL YOUR PARENTS!!!

Written by Naomi Apatu.

So guy's I really hope this story helped you to know what bully's can do to you and that it would be a reeeeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy  good idea to tell your parents.I hope that all bullying will stop sometime,but for now,

Maori Hand Games

Maori hand games
Hey everyone today I am going to be showing you how to do some of the Maori hand games.So far our class has been going in group's to learn Maori hand games.The thing's we did there were string(whai),knuckle bones(koruru),clap(paki),hei tama tu tama and hipitiotio.My favorite Moari hand game was the whai,the Maori name for a string.We first had to practice the waka(cup and saucer)and the jellyfish(para shoot).Before I got there I felt really exited because it was really fun the last time I did it.What I want to improve is hei tama tu tama. When I played against Taylah we kept mucking up and just started laughing,and I have to practice my words for hei tama tu tama,I just keep on saying something like: Tutmatita!What I learned was how to play hei tama tu tama.I thought it was really hard,just swinging my arm's everywhere,I also thought it was a little confusing.Something that really challenged me was the knuckle bones(Koruru).We had to try and throw one of the five into the air,pick up one more and catch it,through one,pick up one,catch the one you threw,catch that one and then throw two and carry that on until you get to the end.After that you start to throw one and put one down until you get to the end.Another one that is good if you have never done it is throw it,tap the ground and then catch it.a safe height to throw it is eye-level.When I left I felt sad because it finally ended.
Take a look below to see a photo of Maori hand games➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡➡

This is when we were doing the knuckle bones.

 this is when we were being introduced.

 and string games

Well thank's for seeing this blog post bye!!!

Quick write blog post

Hey guy's!Today i'm going to be sharing my latest,most mysterious quick write.This is a carry on story so you might see some part 2 & 3 story's of the same one.This is the story of the three girl's.The character;s are basically me and my two beeeeeeeest friend's,Taylah and Camryn. Be sure to check their blog's as well!Take a look down below to see the best story yet,The Three Girls...........................................................................

           THE THREE GIRL'S

Man with a deep dark voice speaking:Hi,come in.See that girl sitting in the corner?She is going to tell us a mix up story about what happened last month.She went through the scariest part of her life.That girl's name is Naomi.So,Naomi,go ahead and tell us your story.

Naomi now speaking:So me and my two most best friend's ever,Camryn and Taylah(I'll be calling them Cami and Tay-Tay for the rest of the story) were playing a game at morning tea.My little sister,Leila,was really annoying us.That day was dress like a book character day.I was Slappy the dummy  from goosebumps,Tay-Tay, was Petunia from Geronimo Stilton and Cami was my owner,the person I want to be my slave.That day was amazing,but something terrible happened when we got home....

"Our house's,there gone!"We shouted.We were all neighbors,and that was,well,fun."Let's ask the Pollocks!"Tay-Tay suggested.So we went over to the house the Pollock's lived in,and when we rang the door bell.An old lady came out from behind the door and I said"Excuse me,may we speak to Mrs.Pollock please?""I don't know who on earth that is!"The old lady said."Must be some Halloween trick"The old lady's husband whispered not very quietly."But this is the house the Pollock's were in this morning!"Cami explained,shaking."But by then,they slammed the door in our faces."Well that was rude,I was in the middle of my sentence."Cami said.

"Must be the wrong street."I said."Nope."Tay-Tay said,pointing at our street sing."Oh no."I said.We ran into the middle of were our house's were and ZAP!We were surprised by the bright white light that shone in our eyes.We finally awoke,looking around."Cami?Tay-Tay?Were are you?"Now I know in real life I'm at least half a centimeter taller than Cami,but I looked up and she was at least twice the size of me!"You're a wooden puppet!"Cami said,looking at me with an astonished look on her face.I touched my skin and it really was wood!!!"And ,Tay-Tay,you...your a mouse!"Cami screamed. Cami was on a chair working me as a real puppet in front of an audience.

"What's going on?"I whispered,eager to find out."I think we turned into our book characters!"Cami explained."No way!Impossible!"I said.The audience started to cheer for us.And Tay-Tay,your so cute!"I said,in a high pitched voice."Oh,great.My cat's at home are now going to chase me."She said ."Whoa,what happened to my voice?!"She squeeked."This is beyond weird!"I said.

We all thought this was the danger.But we all thought absolutely wrong.More danger was coming our way..........................

So guy's thank you for reading my post today and I hope you enjoyed the mystery.


Thursday, May 4, 2017


Hey everyone and today I'm going to be telling you about how we've been learning about our interdependence learning muscle.If you don't know what interdependence means,it means you rely on other's to do there job and then you do your's.Anyway,May 1st,we had to do a back to school project of what we had to do in the holiday's. To tell the rest of the class of what we did in the holiday's,we could either do art or rap.(Just saying,it isn't lunchtime so not the food kind of wrap).I chose art but if you did you would also have to do someone else's topic who was doing rap.He chose the skate park and I found doing his one really fun because I liked designing the skateboard's and scooter's.I chose the movie's because in the holiday's I went to go see Beauty and the Beast with Piper N and that was really fun even though my 4 year old brother Ollie was scared and at some bit's Piper told me "is it over yet?" but it was still really fun,(but I think I saw Ollie crying). What we had to do is explain what we did in the holiday's by drawing it. I did it by drawing some people in the movie's watching that annoying add that comes' on one's or twice that say's:"please turn your cellphone's off now".On one of the skateboards I did for Navjot was flame's,another was a spider and the last was wavy swirl's.I also did two scooter's,one with wavy line's and the other with curved line's.I think we used lot's of interdependence but forgot to do a dab at the end witch was our one and only action,but I think we still rocked!look down below to see our art!

I hope you guy's liked my term 2 blog post on interdependence,


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Writing:a special place

Hi everyone welcome back to my blog!Today I am going to be showing you my special place writing. For this we had to choose a special place and write about it. I think I did some pretty good describing.My special place was my little sister Sienna's graveyard. Here is my writing>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Purpose: to inform
WALT describe with clear and interesting details
Success Criteria
  • Quick plan to prepare for the writing task (brainstorm with words or ideas)
  • Interesting beginning and ending
  • Using the senses (see, touch, hear, smell)
  • Includes strong descriptive words (adjectives)
  • Uses the present tense

         My little sister Sienna’s graveyard
I look around the graveyard and finally see my sister’s grave,with the pink and purple cross that me,my brother and my other sister painted. Behind that cross was another  big brown cross with some ribbon tied around it into a bow. Below the crosses were some extraordinary fake flowers so they would stay alive and never go brown and die. The flower’s glistened in the sunlight as I looked to the side to see my Aunty Tangiora who died in September,just before I was born. To the right was my great grandfather Joe.If you look far out there is a beautiful sight of Hastings. The street lights shimmered in the moonlight and at day the road glistened in the sun light. The flower’s still haven't been rearranged as I keep asking dad to because they kept getting leave’s blown on them. Guess i’ll have to wait for her birthday. But all the windmill’s made everything more colorful. The ribbon flew around playfully and danced in the wind. The view was a never ending sensational sight.

Thank you everyone for reading my blog today.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My camp time

Hi everyone welcome back and today I'm going to be talking about my time at camp. A couple of weeks ago, I went to Camp Kaitawa with some of the year five and six's. There was a rumour spreading around about Michael Noonan, a man who died being ambushed by the Maori.  The Maori did this because all the Europeans would lock them up. He was a messenger and a soldier and had no children. When he was ambushed, he was still on his horse and he got ambushed at the site of the camp.  The other rumour was about a girl whose legs got chopped off when the camp was actually a school. We know that the people were really once alive because we went to see the graveyard where their dead bodies lie. One of the teachers at the old school chopped off the girls legs but I don't know why. My B.F.F Taylah got scared but her dad was there so he came to the rescue. After camp we had to either do a slide or a doc about camp. We had to do a reflection, letter to the parents and a story (can be fake). So today I'm going to be sharing my camp memories. Have a look down below to see my camp memories.

I hope you guys liked my post for camp, and the photo of the grave is Michael Noonan's grave...

                            !!! Thank's for watching!!!

Friday, February 10, 2017

My Waka

Hey guy's and happy new year!Yes I have come back with another whole year of blogging and for a start I want to tell you about my waka. In Rimu hub this year we started to work on our waka, were we draw what represent ourselves. We also have waka writing. However our other task is called writing about me. It's where you write,well, all about yourself. But on this blog it's about my waka. I will put on a blog about my writing later.

Here is my waka:

Here is my waka writing:

My waka writing

  1. The microphone represents my love of singing. I sing every hour to the very song that comes to my head.
  2. The two sketches represents my two siblings, Leila and Ollie.It also represents how I love to sketch the both as its taken to a level higher then I usually draw.
  3. The star attached to the love hearts are my family and the star is my sister Sienna,who died the day she was created.
  4. The four stars are my sister Sienna,my ancestors and other whanau that passed away.
  5. The art set represents my love of painting and drawing.I do it nearly every day in any way.even at school!