Tuesday, September 20, 2016

16th blog post:2017 calander art

Hey guys! Come on down and buy the brand new amazing masterpiece made by Naomi Apatu,an eight yr old artist.This art is very unique. So, if you wanna buy some,here is a photo of this awesome art.

This is the awesome art.
Only $10 so come and buy this amazing art and use it!

                                                                                 Also comes with note pad,diary and card!

The most popular part of the art is the side that has the sun. Doesn't it just stand out?!
So come down an buy the amazing art by Naomi Apatu!

This art is one of a kind and super cheap!

Friday, September 9, 2016

14th blog post:workshop prove it

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be showing you my writing workshop prove it week 7,term three.It only took me about five minutes to finish it.It was not hard at all.I am blogging this because I'd like to show you my learning so far this term.Here it is:

 Workshop Prove It
I learn how to edit properly.

Here is an example:

Try 1.   Hi my name is naomi i am ate yers old i go to parcfal skol and i lif in new zeland

Try 2.Hi my name is Naomi I am eight year’s old, I go to Parkvale School and I live in New Zealand.

So that was my workshop prove it writing week 7 term 3. I was blogging this because I'd like to show people more of my learning and how it is.

I hope you liked that post today so stay in touched for more!