Friday, February 12, 2016

My First Blog Post 2016

Hey guys, I'm back blogging once again in 2016. I am in Rimu hub. I am now 8 years old. I love to play guitar with one of my most fav teacher's Mr.Wright. I have one kitten named Max and a cat named Milly. My favorite  sport is soccer,netball,and basketball. My habit is walking on my tiptoes all the time! I have two bff's named Jessica and Taylah. I spent a week living with my  Auntie Rebeca. In the holiday's, my Uncle Daniel came over from Australia ! He stayed for one week. We went to an awesome toy shop because he missed Christmas. Then we went to Napier to have lunch at a fancy cafe. I had pancake's and banana's and two strawberry's. It was so delicious. In Rimu, I'm looking forward to camp, I love doing our tasks, and on my learning tasks, I've already finished my nametag, my venn diagram, and I've nearly finished my favorite book. What I like about lunch is there's a lunchtime swim, and I always have Jessica and Taylah to play with. The bad thing about the lunchtime swim is there is so many people, it so crowded so I get changed in the toilets. I love buddy reading with my buddy Liske. I LOVE digi stuff. I'm so happy and lucky to be in  Rimu with these amazing teacher's and children. 

Buddy reading with Liske.
My venn diagram and puzzle piece.


  1. Good Job Naomi, Looks like you put a lot of work into your
    blogpost. It looks like you had a lot of fun and yummy food.

    Sincerely Brayden

  2. Great Job Naomi!!! You have very hard.
    I really like the photo of you were it says.....
    "Hi, This is me"!

    Awesome job!! :D

  3. Naomi that a wonderful blog post. In that paragraph I learnt lots about you. keep up the good work Naomi.

  4. Wow great start to the year Naomi

  5. Great First blog post I cant wait until the next one I think this one will be great.
    Great Venn diagram and it looks like you were concentrating on your Venn diagram well done.

    1. Great Naomi I think that you have been doing amazing blog post this one is amazing for your first blog post of 2016

  6. Well done and great job keep going and you will soon you will get all of your things done.

  7. Wow I didn't know you liked basketball and soccer.Do you know I've got a baby cousin who's got the same habit.
    I really like how you have put lots of detail about your self and about what you like and and what you did in the holidays.I think you have done well for your first blog post for 2016

  8. Naomi great work and love it how you have put every thing about you and all so same with Jessica I didn't know that you like basketball and soccer REALLY REALLY GREAT WORK

  9. I like the photos they are so cool

  10. Nice job Naomi
    I like the detail. Keep up the great work

  11. well done Naomi I like your post there are some really cool photos and you put a lot of detail in your writing .Keep up the great work