Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Quick write blog post

Hey guy's!Today i'm going to be sharing my latest,most mysterious quick write.This is a carry on story so you might see some part 2 & 3 story's of the same one.This is the story of the three girl's.The character;s are basically me and my two beeeeeeeest friend's,Taylah and Camryn. Be sure to check their blog's as well!Take a look down below to see the best story yet,The Three Girls...........................................................................

           THE THREE GIRL'S

Man with a deep dark voice speaking:Hi,come in.See that girl sitting in the corner?She is going to tell us a mix up story about what happened last month.She went through the scariest part of her life.That girl's name is Naomi.So,Naomi,go ahead and tell us your story.

Naomi now speaking:So me and my two most best friend's ever,Camryn and Taylah(I'll be calling them Cami and Tay-Tay for the rest of the story) were playing a game at morning tea.My little sister,Leila,was really annoying us.That day was dress like a book character day.I was Slappy the dummy  from goosebumps,Tay-Tay, was Petunia from Geronimo Stilton and Cami was my owner,the person I want to be my slave.That day was amazing,but something terrible happened when we got home....

"Our house's,there gone!"We shouted.We were all neighbors,and that was,well,fun."Let's ask the Pollocks!"Tay-Tay suggested.So we went over to the house the Pollock's lived in,and when we rang the door bell.An old lady came out from behind the door and I said"Excuse me,may we speak to Mrs.Pollock please?""I don't know who on earth that is!"The old lady said."Must be some Halloween trick"The old lady's husband whispered not very quietly."But this is the house the Pollock's were in this morning!"Cami explained,shaking."But by then,they slammed the door in our faces."Well that was rude,I was in the middle of my sentence."Cami said.

"Must be the wrong street."I said."Nope."Tay-Tay said,pointing at our street sing."Oh no."I said.We ran into the middle of were our house's were and ZAP!We were surprised by the bright white light that shone in our eyes.We finally awoke,looking around."Cami?Tay-Tay?Were are you?"Now I know in real life I'm at least half a centimeter taller than Cami,but I looked up and she was at least twice the size of me!"You're a wooden puppet!"Cami said,looking at me with an astonished look on her face.I touched my skin and it really was wood!!!"And ,Tay-Tay,you...your a mouse!"Cami screamed. Cami was on a chair working me as a real puppet in front of an audience.

"What's going on?"I whispered,eager to find out."I think we turned into our book characters!"Cami explained."No way!Impossible!"I said.The audience started to cheer for us.And Tay-Tay,your so cute!"I said,in a high pitched voice."Oh,great.My cat's at home are now going to chase me."She said ."Whoa,what happened to my voice?!"She squeeked."This is beyond weird!"I said.

We all thought this was the danger.But we all thought absolutely wrong.More danger was coming our way..........................

So guy's thank you for reading my post today and I hope you enjoyed the mystery.



  1. Can't wait to see what comes next...

  2. good job Naomi and that story Is funny