Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My surprising holiday

Hey guy's and today i'm going to tell you about my speedway in the holiday's. I'll start at lunch. We got home from buying KFC for lunch and started eating my chicken wrap. When 
I was three quarter's through it started to have a bad taste on my taste bud's. I told dad I didn't like it and he said he would eat it. He told me to pack up in the living room where my sister Leila  was all ready packing up because she said she didn't want it as soon as she saw it. I started to pack up when dad started to be funny and I couldn't help myself.

 A few minute's later the living room was tidy and we turned on the TV and rest while dad was putting in Ollie and Leila's ear drop's in. They had ear drop's because they both have burst ear drum's. We all lay down on the couch and turned on the TV except for dad who was on his computer (as usual).  

It was starting to get darker and dad told me to put on some warmer cloth's.  I asked him why and where am I going and who with but he said it's a secret. I said if it's something to do with truck i'll hate it. he said "kinda". fine i'll go and get  re-dressed I said. when I was dressed mum came around and said that I was going to the speedway!!! Dad only told me to get into warm cloth's because my Leila and Ollie were both sick and it would be to cold for them. But instead mum got Leila and Ollie one kinder surprise each and the movie star's book and eight card's so they could open four each (and didn't get me anything, but i'm cool with it ).  

Before we went to get my cousin Leo, my auntie Rebecca and my uncle Stacie.When we got out to the speedway, it just started. I was so exited I was the first one out of mum's car. We went on the most comfortable hill were we all way's sit and got all comfortable (except for me,who was rolling down the hill).Mum said that dad would be mad abut my hair but I said he doesn't care. 

I went under the seat's closest to s to play on the bar's.when I was out of breath I had some jell tip chocolate some juice and lolly's. We watched for a while when mum wanted to video me rolling down the hill.I kept on going till I asked if it was time for the fireworks. mum said not quit yet so I sat down and had more treat's.

When it was time for the fireworks, I sat on mum's lap, put on  my earmuff's and let the amazement tack me away.The fireworks where just outstanding! When they where over, we started heading home. When I was at dad's, Leila and Ollie Where asleep and I had a turn with the movie star's. I loved them and dad told me how it work's. After that I went to bed and went to sleep strait away. I love going to the speedway.

Have a look at some photo's of me and my cousin Leo at the speedway.You may see my Auntie Rebecca and Uncle Stacie in the background.

I hope you liked my post of my super speedway surprise!!! 


  1. Awesome writing Naomi!!
    It must have been SO much fun!

  2. Naomi Sounds like you had an AWESOME time at the speed way I can't wait to here about your experience next time. Keep up the good work :)

  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I love how on every blogpost you do your writing high quailty and so long. I find you writing very intresting and awesome. I love the pictures. Keep up the awesome blogposts!

  4. wow I love the speed way wow done:]

  5. wow Naomi that sounds like you ad a very fun holiday at the speed way.

  6. It looks like you had an amazing holiday Naomi. I wish I could have come.

  7. you look like you are having fun with your cousin Leo and that you who'd of not know that holiday you were going was to the speedway also on that photo that Leo was looking at you.you look like you were waking your face.

  8. wow what a cute cousin it looks like you are rapped up with jackets and it must of
    been loud to but fun.
    kai pai Naomi!!!!!!!!!

  9. you look like you are having fun with your cousin Leo and that you who'd of not know that holiday you were going was to the speedway also on that photo that Leo was looking at you. You look like you were waking your face.

  10. This blog post makes me smile­čść That was so much fun. It's nearly speedway time again, I can't wait!