Monday, November 7, 2016

19th blog post:Math's post

Hey guy!Today I'm going to be sharing with you my math's term four.Stage five's have been practicing their 5 x tables and lately we've been practicing really hard. My highest score,20 second's of five time's table's is 25 second's!Some thing's that were helping us with our math's is playing with card's.You need a pair of two and a pack of card' half them evenly and give on to each person.they flip the card's over so the can't see them.At the same time flip the card's over on the same time and if one of the people get either 5,2 or 10 you have to time's it by the other number,the first person to say the answer get's all the card's in the pile.The one with all the cards in the end is the winner.We have been doing strategy's on our +'s and -'s.Here is a photo of the math's we've been doing lately.

So now I'm going to show you the five time's table's we've been practicing:

So far I've been practicing my five time's table's well,and I've beaten the stage 7 kid's!!!(I even put that in the end of the year reflection for my year report!)Mr M said that stage six's and seven's need to work on their 5 time's table's!!!(I always hear mum and dad on the phone talking about it!)

So that's it for now on my math's,I hope you liked what I'v done so far in math's,I now think my 5 time's table's is my favorite thing in math's,and math's is my third favorite in all of school subject's!



  1. Great maths blog post Naomi, you did a fabulous job keep up the great work you are pretty fast at your 5 times tables.can't wait for more blog posts OH and happy birthday Naomi. :):):):)

  2. Great maths post I am so so so happy that you prates. :) :) :)