Friday, February 12, 2016

My First Blog Post 2016

Hey guys, I'm back blogging once again in 2016. I am in Rimu hub. I am now 8 years old. I love to play guitar with one of my most fav teacher's Mr.Wright. I have one kitten named Max and a cat named Milly. My favorite  sport is soccer,netball,and basketball. My habit is walking on my tiptoes all the time! I have two bff's named Jessica and Taylah. I spent a week living with my  Auntie Rebeca. In the holiday's, my Uncle Daniel came over from Australia ! He stayed for one week. We went to an awesome toy shop because he missed Christmas. Then we went to Napier to have lunch at a fancy cafe. I had pancake's and banana's and two strawberry's. It was so delicious. In Rimu, I'm looking forward to camp, I love doing our tasks, and on my learning tasks, I've already finished my nametag, my venn diagram, and I've nearly finished my favorite book. What I like about lunch is there's a lunchtime swim, and I always have Jessica and Taylah to play with. The bad thing about the lunchtime swim is there is so many people, it so crowded so I get changed in the toilets. I love buddy reading with my buddy Liske. I LOVE digi stuff. I'm so happy and lucky to be in  Rimu with these amazing teacher's and children. 

Buddy reading with Liske.
My venn diagram and puzzle piece.