Thursday, May 4, 2017


Hey everyone and today I'm going to be telling you about how we've been learning about our interdependence learning muscle.If you don't know what interdependence means,it means you rely on other's to do there job and then you do your's.Anyway,May 1st,we had to do a back to school project of what we had to do in the holiday's. To tell the rest of the class of what we did in the holiday's,we could either do art or rap.(Just saying,it isn't lunchtime so not the food kind of wrap).I chose art but if you did you would also have to do someone else's topic who was doing rap.He chose the skate park and I found doing his one really fun because I liked designing the skateboard's and scooter's.I chose the movie's because in the holiday's I went to go see Beauty and the Beast with Piper N and that was really fun even though my 4 year old brother Ollie was scared and at some bit's Piper told me "is it over yet?" but it was still really fun,(but I think I saw Ollie crying). What we had to do is explain what we did in the holiday's by drawing it. I did it by drawing some people in the movie's watching that annoying add that comes' on one's or twice that say's:"please turn your cellphone's off now".On one of the skateboards I did for Navjot was flame's,another was a spider and the last was wavy swirl's.I also did two scooter's,one with wavy line's and the other with curved line's.I think we used lot's of interdependence but forgot to do a dab at the end witch was our one and only action,but I think we still rocked!look down below to see our art!

I hope you guy's liked my term 2 blog post on interdependence,



  1. Wow great work I like your groups drawing and I beat your rap is amazing great keep it up

  2. awesome naomi i love the work it looks so cool i think you are awesome

  3. Awesome Naomi you have made an exlant post and i enjoyed reading It. kai paI Naomi.