Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Animal project

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This is my report.My report is about Ragdoll kittens.I found information from an iPad and made the words from the iPad into my own words.Now here is my report.

Appearance:Ragdolls have light blue eyes,their ears are right on the edge of their head,and their fur is very silky and smooth.When Ragdolls are first born, they are white.Later on they will get their colour.
Habitat:Ragdolls either live in a house with humans,in farms,or in the streets.
Diet: Ragdolls eat and drink their mothers milk,fresh water,cat food, tuna,and mushed up soggy meat.
Movments:Ragdolls leap,pounce, scamper,and walk one leg at a time.
Predators:Ragdoll predators are dogs and cars.
Extra information:The male Ragdolls are bigger than the female Ragdolls.When the female Ragdolls are fully grown, they weigh 5kgs.When male Ragdolls are fully grown,they weigh 6kgs.Ragdolls are fascinated by water. they are nicknamed puppy cats, and be aware that your Ragdoll may join you in the shower or bathtub as they are highly curios by the sound of water.
If you want to know more about Ragdolls,come into room 1617 to find out!!!,