Thursday, November 3, 2016

18th blog post:Art,sketching.

Hey guys! These couple of weeks we've been doing art.The choices were digital art,painting and sketching.I chose sketching.It was really fun.We used creative ideas.We had to take our time and it turned out really well.Here is a photo of my art:

On the left is a pair of scissors,there's a glue stick and some pencils.We learnt how to shade and learnt how to make thing's look 3-d.I did a bit of smudging around the dark shadow part's of the things. My favourite thing was probably the pencil's,they were quite easy,but to me they look really real in this picture.To me now sketching was really easy after quite a bit of practice.From this, I think I want to be an art teacher or an artist! The next thing I would chose is painting.I think I should actually work on both if I want to be an artist. I love art so much!


  1. i like your art looks very good because it looks 3D

  2. Nice Sketching Naomi very Talented, I shall get some supplies for home so can continue your beautiful work keep it up.

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