Friday, April 15, 2016

My Easter holiday

Hey guy's, welcome back! I told you that I'll have my next post done as soon as possible. This time I'm going to tell you about my Easter holiday's. The night before Easter I stayed up late with my dad at his house watching TV. We like our TV because it only has Netflix. Dad said I had to go to bed hour's earlier but I didn't move and he forgot. When it was later dad remembered that I had to go to bed so he told me and I started to moan. He said that the Easter bunny won't come because you have to be asleep because he doesn't want anyone to see him. So I walked to bed and went to sleep. 

In the morning I looked around my super messy room because we wouldn't clean anything  up after ourselves. When we were finished with something (which would be a toy). Any who we aren't talking about what my room looked like on this post. So when I sat up on the edge of my bed and looked around the room. On the top of my book shelf beside my bed next to the lamp, was a Easter bag with a Zebra on it with chocolate egg's inside. I shook my sister on the other side of the room trying not to stand on anything on the floor and she woke up. She had a bag with a panda on it. We got our bags and went into dad's room and my brother and dad were sleeping. They slept in it together! I shook dad only. He woke up. I then did the same  to my brother. My dad went back to sleep but my brother got up straight away and we went to go and watch Netflix. I got to chose first because we  have a race that the first one to get the remote gets to chose first. Of course since I'm the oldest, I'm faster then them so I always get to chose first. They are 5 and 3 year's old so they won't know. Hehe. 

We started scoffing chocolate egg's into our mouths. Dad didn't know that we were eating our eggs. When he woke up FULLY, he made us pancakes with real eggs from the fridge  and made them when mum arrived for breakfast. When dad had finished his first pancake I found a shape that shaped a sandwich. It was shaped like a love heart. So I used it for the pancake. The pancake was too small. Dad kept on making bigger and bigger pancakes until it fit. My brother and sister Ollie and Leila had a big fight for who got the other heart. I got them both since I was being a good girl and I wasn't fighting. I shaped another pancake in to an Easter egg with a knife. I also shaped a bunny head with two tall ears. I decorated them with maple syrup and jam. The pancakes were most delicious. We got dressed in to clothes. Since I have a vest with loads of bunnies on it and a white shirt from Australia and it has one bunny from a cartoon.I wore some short's and shoes. We got in mum's car and went to my little cousin's for a Easter hunt. My big cousin Jade went to university and we didn't see her for a while so she came for Easter and when we got there she was still sleeping. We had to play quietly with my other big cousin Bailey who is seventeen or sixteen year's old and my little cousin Leo who is three year's old and can never miss my  annoying sibling's: Leila and Ollie.

We went to the dairy with my uncle and got 1 jet plane. We got back and the Easter egg hunt was set up!!! Every one gathered up then we started. There were foot prints made of paper that we had to follow. The first part was under a bush. Then the foot prints steeped underneath the trampoline. It followed around the gate to the front of the house. There was a sign that said: Getting closer. We searched everywhere and couldn't find the last pack of Easter treat's! We were very shocked that the three year old's found them! They were under the BBQ and it was hard to find because it had the cover on! At the end of course we scoffed more egg's in our mouth and put on jewelry the Easter bunny gave us. It was the best day of my life so far!!!

I hope you liked my post about my Easter holiday!!!! 

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