Friday, August 12, 2016

My Favorite Quick Write Story

Hey everyone!I knew I would put my next post on VERY soon.This is a post about my favorite quick write story that I wrote.My favorite part is the end!This is a fiction story but in some part of the holiday's something SIMILAR to this story happened to me.Here it is:

                                    What a mess!(The most boring story).
One Saturday morning I was watching TV. When I was tiered of it,I got every single toy I had out and put them in the living room. It was such a mess! I hardly played with them. Since I didn't want to play with all those toy's,I played Minecraft on my TV. When it was 7.00 at night,dad got home and mum was out getting takeaway's for dinner. Mum didn't see the mess when she left did she. Dad said firmly. I replied with Nope. I'm very-dad suddenly stopped. What are you playing? Dad asked. Minecraft.I said. Can I play!!! Dad yelled. Sure. I replied,passing the controller to him. We played so much,I finally had some fun that afternoon! We were so concentrated on the game that we did not relies mum coming! She screamed so loud when she saw the mess,my ear's hurt! Who made this mess! She asked. She did!He did! Me and dad said at the same time,pointing to each other. Toilet duty,NOW!!! What about dinner?! I asked.Oh no,you and dad will be having veges. And extra pea's! She said. No,not extra pea's,NOOOOOOO!!! I screamed. And Naomi and her dad were on toilet duty for ever after.


So blogger's,I hope you liked my post about the girl,her dad and the toilet duty.BYE!

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  1. Wow Naomi I like the Story and it is a very creative and it is really cool.
    I like the title so much well done Naomi. KAI PAI!!!.