Friday, August 12, 2016

Candy Land

Hey guy's!This is another awesome quick write story. I have not finished it but it will all be on in my next post.Tack a sneak peek of Candy Land!

Click,clack,I hear my door being knocked on.I went to my door,and no one was there. I did notice everything was made from candy! I went out for a look,I thought I was dreaming!Yes,I did try to pinch myself but nothing happened! Looking around,I did notice that I was wearing a new dress! It was black and red,my two favorite color's.The dress smelt like the best licorice ever.Two twin girl's with pink and purple dress's on came up to me.I saw that they were wearing matching pearl necklaces.At the bottom of one of the necklaces  had an R on it.The other had not an R but an H.The girl's asked me what my name was.I said "Hi,my name is Elizabeth"."Hi Elizabeth,i'm Rose,and this is Holly.We are the twinkling twin's of candy village,we brought you here to help us stop the evil queen of vegetable's".I have to admit that the twin's were very pretty.They both had long blond hair with a tidy fringe at the front.They had bid smile's with lot's of freckle's.Yes.They are identical.Holly started to walk along with me."first up,McDonald street!!!"

So blogger's,that was my Candy land story so far,I'll work on the rest straight away! 

                  Ta-Ta for now! 


  1. Wow Naomi that was a really cool story Im hooked and I want to read more!

    1. the rest of my story should be on soon!

  2. Wow Naomi it has alot of Learning,creating,sharaing in this peice of writing
    keep the awesome work up loved the last bit of the peice of writing I love your
    writing kai pai Naomi.