Saturday, October 29, 2016

Candy land part two:

Hey blogger's,today i'm blogging this because I love candy.(And because I didn't finish the other candy land).I kinda got the rest of the idea from the wizard of Oz.Here it is from top to bottom.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Click,clack,I here my door being knocked on.I went to my door and no one was there.I did notice everything was made from candy!I went out for a look,I thought I was dreaming.Yes,I did try to pinch myself but nothing happened!Looking around,I noticed I was wearing a new dress!It was black and red,my two favorite color's.The dress smelt like the best licorice ever.Two twin girl's with pink and purple dress's on came up to me.I saw that they were wearing matching pearl necklace's.At the bottom of one of the necklace's had an R on it.The other had not an R but an H.The girl's asked me  what my name was.I said "Hi,my name is Elizabeth"."Hi Elizabeth,I'm Rose and this is Holly.We are the twinkling twin's of the candy village.We brought you here to help us stop the evil queen of vegetable's".I have to admit the twin's were very pretty.They both had long blond hair with a tidy fringe at the front.They had big smile's with lot's of freckle's.My favorite was there beautiful light blue eye's.Yes,they are identical.Holly started to walk along with me."First up McDonald street!".I was quite astonished and scared at the same time."Can we please tack a different road,I'm petrified of clown's.I estimate that Ronald McDonald will be everywhere!!!" I clammed."OK,i'm sure we can take the long way".Said Rose."We'll go across the meadow of lolly-pop's,go throw the candy cane forest of dome,figure out a way to go over the river of coca cola and then go across ANOTHER lolly-pop meadow and then we should be there.Oh,and you can't have a battle wearing a dress!If you undo your belt your skirt will fall down and you will be wearing a pair of tight's,then
 you will be ready".Holly said,and I did exactly that."Well,aren't I ready to go"?I said."No,actually".Rose clammed."We still need to give you this bow for in your hair.It give's you special power's to help yourself stop the evil queen of vegetable's.I put it in my hair and it turned black and red,and smelt like my dress."Oh,and from now on every thing you touch will become black and red,will smell like licorice,the best,and then when any one else touch's what you touched,they will get electrocuted."Wow!"I told myself.So we took our journey through the meadow of lolly-pop's,meeting a talking kangaroo who was picking some  lolly-pop's for her baby kangaroo who was in her pouch.We went over to greet her.She noticed my bow,she asked if I could help her with a few electrician's that she needed fixed to keep herself and her baby safe.When I finished,we said good bye and headed towards the candy cane forest of dome.We didn't meet anyone in that forest but I was still determined to help thing's in need.We were out of the candy cane forest of dome and we came to the river of coca cola.I saw an ell and he told me that he was an electric ell but the evil queen of veges took all his electricity away!I asked if he would like me to turn him black and red but give him more electricity.He said that,like me,his favorite color was black and red so he was pleased with that.We got across the river by a tree that fell over from the forest.We got across the meadow that led us to the castle.We went inside and saw the evil UGLY queen of veges.She was so ugly I can't describe her.I got my bow ready now that I know how to use it and how to control my power's.I could say it was about a half hour fight.It was challenging,but I managed.When she was defeated,we made her into a veges smoothie and fed it to the twin's dog,Cusco,a little grey dog.When I came back to my house,the twin's gave me a bag of golden dust while thanking me for saving candy land.They said the dust was to use when ever I wanted to come over or if my mum and dad wouldn't let me have lollies. Insted of me opening the door,the twin's pushed me down a black tunnel,as i was thinking it was still a dream.I landed lying on my bed,hearing my mum shouting:Wake up Naomi!I suddenly got up and told my self so it was a dream.but when i went in the bathroom,I noticed the bow in my hair...

So guy's,I hope you liked my post about candy land.I did actually have a dream when I was little about this magical fairy that gave me magic dust but then I heard my mum trying to wake me up so I woke up but at the end of my bed was a container that had this like dust stuff as I thought but it was just sand and sprinkle's my mum made to make me think it was dust so yea,hehe that's were i got the idea.So a,


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